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Vick Strizheus Jail True Story (This Video By Vick Strizheus Answers Back To His Envious Competitors )


For a long time Vick Strizheus jail story was used by his envious of his success competitors, to harsh his value among the web. His competitors experienced on how to take advantage of a successful competitor’s bad past time-stamp, where fishing for a long time the skeptical schoolmasters out there and made some money by misleading these people to their online disaster based on their suspiciously made mindsets.

Vick Strizheus jail true story was uploaded today by Vick himself to finally answer to all these struggling rogues out there. The only thing these people have managed to succeed online was to bypass their struggle by using Vick’s Strizheus jail story as a fact to finally end up with some money to their pockets, based again on their competitors value because they haven’t manage to have any value by their own.

Vick Strizheus Jail True Story – Watch The Video

A man who has the courage to admit his own wrong decisions in public, is a man that has real value. The proof for that is that he is not afraid of the balance on his reputation because what he offers has a value greater than any story out there and the testimonials of people involved with Big Idea Mastermind are there to prove that.

More than 30.000 people are having a residual income and finally make money online because Vick Strizheus learned them on how to do it. Mentors are humans themselves and all of us are having moments in our past which we would wish to travel back in time and fix them but that is impossible. The real lessons out of our wrong decisions is to make us wisher persons and help us become better on whatever goal we have in our life.


Personally I am proud of being mentored by Vick Strizheus because what he does with Big Idea Mastermind is something that no struggle competitor out there who just use the Vick Strizheus jail story, would never do. Vick Strizheus jail story was the spike that made him decide to become who he is and help average people the way he does at the moment. He is not forced to do what Big Idea Mastermind does.

This is a reward system based on Empower Network’s project and he could just make tons of money just by leading people to this awesome project. Instead of letting people to find their own fate he made the Big Idea Mastermind and helps people on any possible direction to let them meet success and live like Free human beings.

By uploading a video that let people decide about the Vick Strizheus jail story, he teaches what a Mentor must. He teaches that you can leave everything behind and become who you really want to be in your life. The only thing matters to finally become the man or woman you have dreamed to be, is to decide to start and never give up until your goal is achieved. So if your goal is to learn how to make money online and earn a residual income because of your own efforts, don’t think twice and click on that button below to start your journey to your financial freedom and we will meet on the other side my friend!

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My best Regards my friend,
Nick Germanakos.


Nick Germanakos

Born in Greece back in july 1984 and after a really hard childhood, I managed to grow up developing some of my most powerful skills because of all the struggles I had face in my life. I managed to join College in Automation Engineering in 2002 and made it to graduate by working from 5pm to 8am the next day some years later. This Bio edit Finds me nowadays with more than 10 years experience in sales, marketing and promotion but as usual recently I got fired from my main job after I made it to build someone else's dream. At the moment I am Self Employed and I am Building MY dream online. So No bosses for me anymore and I have the chance to Live my life at last. If You Want To Start Online You Can Do It And Believe Me... "It Is At Least Possible"... Learn How I Made It From Scratch or find me In GooglePlus


Hi, I might came to this post late, I see the video is already eliminated by the you tube policies, how can I have access to watch this video?


Vick, I admire you for your honesty and your tenacity. It shows that it's your desire to help people that keeps you going. Thank you for your honesty. Your past mistakes don't make you less of a man. it makes you more admirable for facing up to the truth and having the courage to accomplish greater things to become a greater person. God bless you for being the honest, selfless person that you are!


All successful internet marketers so far I find have rags to riches stories in their past.....yours was forced out by your arrest...and your subsequent inability to bury the does not change how I feel about U....Maureen.

NikosGermanakos moderator

@MaureenAcosta  Bases on my personal experience the worst the struggle we go through the biggest the breakthrough we come up with. 

On VIck's case now the breakthrough after what happened back then is responsible for the success of many people online as long as it was what it forced him to start with his online activity! 

We all go through struggles ... some of us claim the chance to take lessons from these struggles while others just keep struggling. 

What Happened to vick happened too many years back an he did hurt no people from what he did. He just tried to manipulate a system and he paid for that. 

But ... his skills to manipulate systems was one of the reasons he because so strong on whatever it has to do With Traffic Generation ;) ... make sense? 

I like VIck on many things but it was not his "subsequent inability" to bury the past... 

People who just try to bury something are people with no authority at all ... ! He did nothing to feel like that :) 

His Competition tries to damage him using this story but they can understand that they practically work to his advantage this way ...! 

Making peace with our past is what Matters the most .... no burying it! 

My best regards Maureen!